To the Girl that Can't Face Reality and Move On

He’s left.

For some reason, whether known or unknown, he’s gone.

He decided that what the two of you had, just wasn’t going in the direction he wanted it to go. So, he decided to move on with his life.

This is something that’s always hard to accept. Accepting it means that the future you had planned out for the two of you isn’t going to happen. Accepting this means that a man you are in love with, doesn’t love you back.

It means that once again, you’re heart is broken by someone you trusted. It means that you’ve wasted you time and energy on a something that wasn’t going to last. 

It means starting over with someone else and opening up to someone else. It means sharing all of those secrets and memories with yet another person.

I get it. It’s hard and it sucks. 

It makes you feel pissed off one minute and like shit the next. But holding on to him will not stop your heart from breaking, or anything else you’ll have to face.

It’s inevitable. 

He’s gone and eventually you will have to face it, whether you like it or not. Putting it off will only hurt you more in the end.

The more you hold on to the hope that he’s coming back, the harder reality is going to slap you in the face when you have to face the fact that’s he’s not. 

He’s gone.

He’s not coming back.

This is something you’ve got to accept. You need to come to terms with this, not just for yourself but for the people around you.

No one wants to see you sad or upset, but that is something you can bounce back from. They definitely don’t want to watch you hang on to a man that doesn’t want you in his life anymore.

They don’t want you to be that girl. They don’t want you to be the psycho ex that still clings to the thought of ending up with him.

It’s unhealthy.

You’re not living in reality and people desperately need you to.

Right now, you are that friend that everyone wants to shake or slap. They want to wake you up from the fantasy of still having him and make you face reality.

If you face reality you can move on. You can find someone else. You can find someone that wants you.

If you don’t, you’re stuck in fantasy land with an imaginary man. 

It’ll be hard and you’ll be heartbroken. You’ll be sad, hurt and moving on will be difficult to say the least.

But it’ll be worth it when you find a man that loves and appreciates you. A real man. Not the memory or ghost of a long lost love.

It’s time.

You need to hear this. You need to join us back in reality.

He’s gone and he doesn’t plan on ever coming back.

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