To The Friend Who Catches Me Every Time I Fall

Everyone has that one person, they turn to when shit hits the fan. It’s that one person, who never seems to let us down. The one person who is always there when others leave us high and dry. They’re the one who has dried every tear, and somehow made us laugh through the sobbing. They’re our safety net. They’re the security, that no matter how much can go wrong in our life, they’re the one thing we’ve gotten right. 

It’s the unconditional love. It’s the friendship. They’re the standard we compare everyone else too. And somehow others never match up. They’re the epitome of perfect and of the things we are most grateful for in life. 

To the friend Who has always been my safety net, 

Because every time I f*cking fall, I think I’m not gonna make it this time. I think, how many more times is this gonna keep happening? I think why do I even try, when it ends the exact same way, every time. 

And every time, I let someone new into my life, I know with confidence, two things will happen, I’m gonna get hurt again, and that you’ll be there to catch me. 

Because you’ve never failed me. You’ve never let me down. You’ve never disappointed me. You have led as the example of, what I look for in others, and very few rise to that standard.

Anyone who has ever hurt me, you’ve threatened. You’re first willing to go to bat for me, against anyone. You’re the voice constantly telling me, there is nothing wrong with me, and everything wrong with them. 

You’re every morning text checking up on me after a bad night. You’re every joke that makes me laugh, when I don’t even want to smile. You’re the light in the darkness, I sometimes create myself and if I choose to stay there, you sit with me in the unknown, just so I know I’m not alone. 

You’re the first to know of any problem, and you listen with a keen understanding, even when I don’t have anything to say. 

It is a silence that is comfortable. It is company that never makes me feel alone, because you know, when I push people away that’s exactly when I need them most. 

It’s the conversations, that never run sparse on words. It’s the plans we automatically assume the other person is a part. 

It’s the choice to give each other the best, we have to offer, knowing in a world that has confused us both, of the many things we can rely on is each other. 

It’s the honest words we sometimes don’t want to hear, because in a world that lies to us, we know you never will. 

It’s a promise that doesn’t even need to be uttered, but forever has been imprinted upon each of our hearts. 

It’s that moment, if we broke each other down to our core, a large portion of people we are, is because of one another. 

It is growing together, even if are a part. It is watching others come and go, but knowing that will never be the case with us. 

It is sharing in excitement and constant support. It is the love that never seems to end. 

And in a world that tries to break us down and hurt us, and test us, we have each other. And it’s walking forward together, through any storm, knowing we’ll make it through anything. 

“When lies become the truth That’s when I run to you This world keeps spinning faster Into a new disaster so I run to you I run to you baby And when it all starts coming undone Baby you’re the only one I run to”?  -Lady A 

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