To the Boy Who Broke the Girl He Loved

You broke her. Not because you didn’t care, but because you couldn’t handle the love she gave you without hesitation.

She would have done anything to please you, be with you and just love you.

She’s the girl who would have jumped to be the one taking care of you when you were ill or just having a bad day. She’s the kind of girl who brings sunshine to cloudy days.  

But you couldn’t push past your fear and anxiety about commitment. You were scared of actually making something meaningful with her.

You knew if you gave into her and gave her all of yourself, you’d be done. You would have been done looking for the rest of your life because it’s clear she’s the one.

But you weren’t ready for the kind of love she wanted and was oh-so-willing to give you, unconditionally.

So you broke the girl you were falling for, out of fear of the unknown.

Out of fear that you didn’t live your single life to the fullest like you had hoped.

But mostly, you broke her out of fear of her breaking your heart, because it’s easier for you to break hers than it is to heal yours.

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