To the Boy I Want to Love, I Can Only Do So Much

I wanted to love you, but you’ve made it so hard. You kept fighting me, as if you didn’t want me to own your heart.

I wanted to let you own mine, but I stopped when I realized I was fighting a losing battle with you and how you couldn’t even let me in at all; not even a little.

With previous relationships I knew early on that I was falling for them. But with you, I’m certainly falling, falling in the opposite direction entirely.

I want to try to make it work.

I want to try to love you.

But I don’t know how to love you and you’ve made it obvious that you don’t know how to love yourself either.

So how can I love someone who doesn’t know how to love themselves, let alone anyone else?

Here I am, struggling to try and make this work, by trying to save this relationship from the sinking ship you seem to be stuck on.

I can only try so much before I tap out completely.

I’m almost there, please stop me before I get there, because once I do, I’ll be gone forever. 

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