To the Best Older Brothers Out There, You Guys Are Idiots but I Love You

Having older brothers is complicated and messy but honestly, it toughened me up for everything life has thrown at me. And sure, they might be a little rough around the edges but it only makes me love them a little bit extra. I mean, how many girls can throw a football in perfect form? I can chalk that up to only having your brothers to play with as a child. Barbies? What are those?  

My older brothers are the best gift I could’ve ever received. They might always put their video games before me, and trick me into giving them the remote, but if I’m ever in trouble they’ll be the first to come rescue me. They are constant protectors, even if they have a different way of showing it. They’ll come off as invasive and shoot down almost every single one of my potential boyfriends for stupid reasons like “he doesn’t seem like a good guy,” or “I’ve heard things” but it’s only because they want the very best for me. (Even though they’ll never admit it out loud). 

So to my older brothers, thank you. 

Thank you for making sure that I was always happy, always loved. For not only threatening to beat up any guy who broke my heart but for taking the time to show me I’m worth more than how those guys made me feel. I keep your words and advice close to my heart, no matter how many times I tell you I don’t want to hear it. Your opinions truly mean the world to me and I’d be lost without them.

Thank for keeping my secrets, for letting me grow up in my own way. I know this must have been tough for you because you’re such control freaks, but thank you for letting me make my own mistakes. You’ve never judged me for my stupid behavior, only saved me before I truly fucked up beyond belief and you never told mom. So thank you a million times for letting them think I’m the perfect child when you and I both know the truth. 

But mostly thank you for being there no matter what.  I know that I can always count on you, through thick and thin. You’ve taught me how to be a good friend and an even better sister. You have hearts of gold and I’d be lucky to grow up to be half the person you guys are. Just from leading by example you showed me how to handle life with authority and class and to never let anyone bring me down. 

And thank you for never giving up on me. No matter where life takes us, even if we end up on completely opposite sides of the globe, you guys will always be my best friends, my number one support system, my brothers. 

I will never be able to repay you for everything you’ve done for me, but just know that I am more grateful and blessed than you will ever know. 

You are the best people I know, the most honest, the most loving and I’m so lucky to call you my family.

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