To the Best Friends Who Became My Sisters, You're My World

I didn’t believe that friends could be soulmates until you came into my life. We’ve been through so much and you’ve been by my side supporting me unconditionally without asking for anything in return. Your unconditional love has taught me that friends can be soulmates and that these special type of true friends can become family. You’re my sisters and you’re stuck with me forever, through thick and thin, we’re the perfect combination and I know that with you by my side I can accomplish all my dreams.

Our bond is one of a kind, it’s like our hearts are in sync and our special connection becomes our superpower. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we know exactly what’s going on in everyone’s life. Not a day goes by that we don’t check on each other to make sure everyone is in good spirits. If someone is having a meh day, we do whatever it takes to change that. Everyone is important in our group and we all matter equally.  

What I love the most about our friendship is that our bond continues to grow and evolve as we adult and grow as individuals. It just gets stronger as we continue to learn so much about ourselves with each other. 

I know we have so much more to grow and experience but it always amazes me how we manage to go through our ups and downs with respect, honesty, and understanding. We might not always see eye to eye, but we never cross the line or hurt anyone’s feelings just because we want to be right. 

We’ve learned to respect everyone’s differences and set up boundaries that allow us to be grown ass individuals who are capable of having a healthy friendship. I admire you all so much, I can even fathom not having you in my life. Each and every one of you brings something special into my life that I know I couldn’t live without. It’s like life gave me the greatest gift of friendship when I met you. 

I know I can be a klutz and sometimes not the most reliable friend in the world, but I love you all to death, so keep being as hard on me as you need to when I need it. I know I can rely on you to keep me in check, and I really wouldn’t want it any other way. 

I am the luckiest person in the world to have friends that actually complete me and make my life a million times better. Life is hard as it is but with my besties by my side nothing seems impossible. You’re the support group I know I can count on no matter what life has in store for me. 

You inspire me and make me happy beyond belief, so thank you for being in my life, thank you for being my besties, my soulmates, my sisters, my all. 

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