To My Tough Father, Thank You For Being Soft With My Child


I will admit, I was a little nervous about how you would interact with my child. You have such a rough shell, one that could not be penetrated with me when I was growing up.

You were never the affectionate type. In fact, I can't really remember a single time you were with me as a child.

So naturally, when I became pregnant, I was a little worried. I wanted my baby to have a grandfather to spend time with; to go places and learn new things with. I knew that there was a certain amount of knowledge that my baby could get only from you.

You weren't all that thrilled about the pregnancy, which only deepened my worries. 

And then I gave birth.. My baby was here; a beautiful little miracle sent straight from Heaven. 7 pounds of pure love

Everyone that was close to me fell in love with this child… even you. And suddenly, all of my fears began to disappear.

The way that you began to interact with my baby was shocking, yet so beautiful. The adoration you have for that child is heart warming. 

I look back on my childhood and look at how the two of you are together, and it makes me so happy. Is it possible that my child softened that tough heart of yours? I'd say so. 

It's like every little thing that you never gave to me, you're giving my child, and I couldn't be more grateful. 

You have become my child's favorite person; my baby's hero. 

I can't wait to sit back and see the rest of the years that we all have together to watch how your bond continues to grow. 

You were the first man I loved in my life, someone who has taught me so much. Watching you love my child is like watching you love me all over again. And seeing the two of you together only makes me love you more. 

So thank you, dad. Thank you for being soft with the biggest piece of me. Thank you for giving this baby everything that you didn't give me. Thank you for looking at my child with a fierce love in your eyes like I've never seen before. Thank you for showing me that you are willing to make an effort with my child like it is your own. 

Thank you for being an amazing grandfather.