To My Mother on Mother's Day, From Your Daughter So Miles Away

I don't think it's possible to for me to express my gratitude to you, for everything you have ever done for me growing up and even now with me being so far away, you still a way to take care of me. 

I think of all the times that we've laughed, cried and smiled. I hold the memories of us laughing and joking closest to my heart. 

You always told me I could be anything I wanted to be, that I could go anywhere I wanted to go. And when the decision to move so many miles away from home and from you festered, you were the first person who pushed me to go and have a better life. 

There are days when all I need is my mother's love and touch, and on those days I call and hear your voice. 

You've always known the right thing to say and how to make me feel better.

You know and understand my obsession with Chinese food from back home and you don't even judge when I come home for 7 days and eat Chinese 5/7 days. 

You make me so proud to be your daughter! I didn't think it was possible to be so proud to be someone, but you do. You're so generous and selfless in everything you do. You're the strongest person I know and I don't tell you enough, but you're my rock!

If I could become half the woman you are today, I'd say I'm doing a pretty damn good job. 

Thank you for raising me with big aspirations and goals.

Thank you for being an amazing role model for me. 

Thank you for helping me every step of the way towards the life I have now. 

I promise to make you proud for the rest of my days!

I'm so proud to be your daughter!

I love and miss you terribly, don't ever forget that!

Love, From,

Your daughter so many miles away. 

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