To My Loved One In Heaven, I'll Continue to Live My Life in Your Honor

There is not a day that goes by that you don’t cross my mind. Missing you is an ache in my heart that will never go away. You left us too soon. Your life was taken too quickly and unexpectedly. So I'm left with all this pain with nothing else to do but let you know that now that you're in heaven, I'll continue to live my life in your honor

I miss your radiating smile and laugh. You could brighten a room so easily. You made everything feel okay even when it wasn’t. It didn’t matter the situation, you knew exactly what to say.

I would do anything for one more of your hugs because nothing on this earth compares to a hug from you.

I replay every memory I can remember in my mind. It makes me miss you like hell but it also makes me feel closer to you. We never had a dull moment, you always found a way to entertain me, making the most of every second. Every moment was an adventure with you.

I would do anything to tell you that I love you one last time. If I had 5 more minutes with you, I would tell just how grateful I was to have you in my life, what you meant me. 

The thought of all of this not being reality still lingers in the back of my mind. The possibility that you are gonna be behind the next corner I turn with that smile saying it was a joke and that you’re sorry.

I look at all the pictures we have together, wishing we were still in that moment. Desperately hoping I could somehow someway relive those moments just one more time. 

You had the most genuine and caring heart and it radiated in every situation you were put into. I miss the way you cared because no one cares like you cared.  

If you were still here, you would be so proud me and everything I am doing. You believed more in me than I believed in myself.

Some nights I smile knowing how proud you would be, other nights I lose all my sanity because you aren’t down here by my side to succeed with me.

I will never understand God's logic of taking you from us so early. So I will continue begging for an expiation. Desperate for a reason why you were taken from us.

So until the day come that I am able to see you again, I will continue to live my life in your honor. Never taking a second for granted and cherishing every moment we spent together.  

You will forever have a place in my heart. Your memory will never disappear. We will all remember just how lucky we were to be able to know you.

“They say now you're in a better place, and I would be too if I could see your face.”