To My High School Besties, You'll Always Be a Part of Me

"High School changes people. Some for the better some for the worst but if one thing is true; you find out who your real friends are."

High School will always be a crucial, important part of my life, especially because of the amazing friendships I was lucky enough to find in all of you. I still remember how naive, awkward  we were, trying to find ourselves and define our identities. 

We were young and our hearts were full of dreams. Your friendship made my high school years unforgettable and that’s why you will always be a part of me. 

High School years are confusing and tough for young girls but I’m lucky to say that they were fulfilling years thanks to you guys. We went through our ups and downs together. We were always there for each other, being loyal, understanding and supportive. When we felt like the world was against us, we knew we could find comfort in our friendship. 

We enjoyed every moment; from the hours we spent gossiping and talking about our dreams to all our boy drama. We experienced our first heartaches together, and being there for each other made a lot of our first experiences with love more bearable. 

It’s impossible to forget all the moments that we shared laughing until our stomachs hurt and then a bit more. Even the times that we fought with each other for stupid things, like that time we gave each other the silent treatment for a few hours – We could never be mad at each other for too long because our friendship was stronger than our immaturity.   

The amazing memories that we built together made us who we are today and I’m so grateful that we found each other so young, in a moment in our lives where we truly needed it. Thanks to all of you I always remember our high school years with a smile on my face.

Back then we felt like we had our whole lives ahead of us and in a way we did. We used to dream big and couldn’t wait to be adults to take over the world. We always said that we would stay in touch no matter where I lives would take us. For the most part we’ve stay connected, adulting can be hard on friendships especially when we’re miles apart.   

Our high school years are far gone but I’m grateful that we’ve made an effort to keep our friendship in our hearts. 

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