To My Friend While You're Hurting

It hurts me to see you so hurt. I know it feels like it’s the end of the world right now, but I promise you it isn’t!

“The bad news- nothing lasts forever”. It’s inevitable that things don’t last forever. Someone will either die, feelings will reduce or someone leaves. Nothing ever lasts forever, coming to terms with this will help you try your best to move on.

“The good news- nothing lasts forever”. The good news is that nothing lasts forever, so the pain you feel now will stop. You will get up and not cry anymore. You will be happy again, I promise.

It kills me to see that you don’t know your worth. I promise you that he is not your be all and end all. You will find happiness again. I know you don’t think so right now, but you will!

I promise you that life has a plan for you, that is going to be great! You just need to believe it too.

I’m sorry you are hurting.

I’m sorry you are crying.

I’m sorry he can’t see your worth.

My promise to you is to stand by your side when it feels like no one else is. I’ll always be there for you, no matter what!

Please dry your tears,

I love you,

Your best friend.

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