To My Ex's Mom, Thanks for Your Kindness

Your son and I had a special relationship and I will always consider it an amazing chapter in my life. Part of how great it was is the fact that you welcomed me into your family and made me feel like one of your own. You were far from the typical mom who doesn’t like any of their son’s girlfriends. You genuinely liked me, so it was definitely an added bonus to the already special relationship your son and I had. 

You were non judgmental, nice and treated me like a daughter. You supported me and always looked out for me. You truly cared about me and always went out of your way to make sure I was okay, even after your son and I decided to put an end to the relationship. 

The breakup was hard, but I think it was harder for me because I not only had to part ways with your son but also with everything related to him, including his mom. I understand that the dynamic of our relationship has to change, it’s just how it works. Even if your son and I decide to continue being friends down the line, it wouldn’t make sense for me now to be around like I used to. 

I’m truly going to miss you. Our long conversations about life, your stories and especially your good advice. You always knew the right things to say to me and I’m so grateful for all the knowledge that you were always so willing to share with me. 

I hope you know that regardless of how my relationship with your son evolves in the future, I still have the same love and respect for you. I’m extremely grateful for all the guidance that you’ve provided me with while I was around and for your infinite kindness. 

Thank you for welcoming me into your family and for also being so understanding throughout the process of your son and I breaking up. I know that if we ever cross each other’s path, you will greet me with a big smile and a big hug, that’s how amazing you are and that’s why the love and respect that  I have for you will never change. 

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