To My Ex's Mom, I Still Love You

After spending so much time with you and your family, it has become inevitable that I’ve come to love you like my own mom.

Countless conversations and girly days spent together gossiping have come to a close because my relationship with your son has ended.

But never forget that whilst I may not be with your son, you will always be in my heart and a part of my family.

You taught me so much, from cooking, to pranking and how to get even further to your son’s heart, which happened to be through you.

They always say that meeting your boyfriends mom is crucial and is possibly the hardest thing, because they are your baby boy. But you made me part of the family instantaneously. 

So thank you for that! 

Even years later I still think about you and how much of an impact you’ve made on my life. 

I’ll never forget the years I spent with your son and all the time I spent with you. You made dealing with your son a hell of a lot easier, because you knew how I was and how he was and you helped us when we needed it most.

Thank you for everything you’ve ever taught me, done for me, time spent with me and the advice you’ve given me over the years. I promise you I will always remember them.

You will always be like my crazy second mother and there is nothing about that that I would change! 

I love you and I hope you never change,

Love Always,

Your Son’s Ex-Girlfriend.

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