To My Ex, I Wish We Could Have Grown Together Instead of Apart

I have never admitted this before, but I was hopeful, hopeful you would want to change with me in order to grow to become better, hopeful that you would take a stand.  

I exhausted energy and time, having countless conversations and quarrels, trying to pull you into my path, but I was wrong.  

I understand the hurt one can feel after being dumped and so, I can relate to your reactions to me breaking up with you. 

Eventually, you assured me, on multiple occasions, of your understanding behind our break up; I wanted change, so I walked a new path and I chose a different way, to my surprise, you supported me.

I have come to realize I cannot force you, or anyone, to choose a path you are not ready to walk, and as much as this path is the best for you, you have to desire it for yourself.  

Unfortunately and fortunately, we can never be together for the reason of being unequally yoked, we are not on the same path, we don’t share the same vision, and we will never be on the same page. 

I am officially closing the door on our relationship. I was hopeful for us, but today, I have more understanding.  

It is this understanding that has brought me to a place of forgiveness and liberation, not only for myself but for you as well.

I hope you get someone who shares your visions and who will choose the same path as you.

Today, I officially release you, but, I want you to know, I have, and always will, love you.