To My Boyfriend's Ex, Screw You for What You Did to Him

Screw you, but thank you. That pretty much sums up how feel about you.

Screw you for taking advantage of his good heart. For manipulating his caring nature and for stepping all over his good intentions. You clearly didn’t know how to appreciate a loving man, which is only a reflection of your selfish character. 

He trusted you, he confided all his insecurities and fears in you and you used his weakness against him just so you could gratify your own needs. You treated him poorly and you should be ashamed of yourself for being too self-absorbed to recognize that you didn’t deserve his love. 

While he was doing everything in his power to make you happy, you were diminishing him with your arrogance and shameless treachery. Shame on you and screw you for inflicting in his heart the kind of pain that slowly disintegrates a person self-esteem. 

You were poison to him and I assure you that one day you will pay for everything that you intentionally did to him. He might have been worthless to you, but not to me and I guess for that I thank you in way. Thank you for putting on my path the most amazing human being I’ve known. 

He might have come to my arms bleeding from the emotional wounds that you caused but that only made me love him harder. Because unlike you, I was able to see the good in him, even through the brokenness, I was able to sense that he was only wounded and not forever damaged. 

You could have shattered his soul but not destroy it. You see, he lost part of himself when he was finally able to walk away from your toxic grip but you lost more than you could ever imagine. 

My love is slowly putting him back together. I can feel that he’s regaining his confidence and that his true nature is resurfacing. He trusts me and every day he embraces what we have a bit more. He’s giving love another chance and I can assure that this time it won’t be disappointing.

I’m not sure how you weren’t able to love him like he deserved. You really missed out on it, but I’m glad I’m the one who gets to show him what true love really is and that gets to put a smile on his face every day. I’m the one who gets to love him and appreciate him like he deserves. I’m the one who gets to be loved by a man who’s capable of recovering from a broken heart and loving again. 

He’s freed himself of the toxic past that he had with you because I can say with total certainty that he’s finally allowed me to make him whole again. 

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