To My Boyfriend, You're My Prince and I'm Sorry I Treat You Any Less

The world is a twisted place — girls love being called "princess" and nearly expect to be of said status when in a relationship, but what about the guys? Who says guys wouldn't enjoy being someone's prince? No one (ever).

Just because girls are the more sensitive, mushy-gushy of the two does not by any means mean that the guys automatically have a strong dislike of being someone's prince. 

So, with that being said, here's to you — my prince.

I'm sorry….

that at times I expect more of you than I do of myself. 

for putting so much on you. 

I don't give you all the credit that you deserve. 

for the times that I make you feel unwanted, unappreciated, and less than special. 

for taking you for granted. 

I don't express my love for you at all times. 

And last but not least…

My love for you increases by each passing day, and I know that some days it seems like my love towards you is in question. But darling, I promise you that even on the bad days my love for you remains. 

I'm sorry that I treat you as anything less than my prince. You are bigger than my dreams and I honestly don't even know how I got so darn lucky. I'm sorry for the days I've spent lacking on reminding you that you are my prince. 

You are like a drug and I'm addicted. I'm sorry for not doing my job, but I promise that from here on out I'll do better. After all, you are my one and only prince and I'm your princess.