To My Bestie, I Wish You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes

You are such a beautiful person, inside and out, I just wish you saw yourself the way I see you.

You exude strength in any situation that you are faced with. I have never known anyone who is as strong as you.

The way you stand up for yourself and the others that you love shows you have courage. You have never been known for backing down from a challenge. 

You’re the type who always powers through because you have the courage to move forward.

Happiness isn’t negotiable for you, you always try your best to find it under any circumstances. That trickles down from your strength. Even your smile helps to heal others.

You love everyone so fiercely. I don’t know how you have unconditional love for everyone you know. Every relationship that you have you cherish and hold tight to you

When someone hurts you, it not an easy fix because of the love you have for everyone else.

Confidence radiates off of you but never in an arrogant way. You carry yourself with your head held high and when someone tries to hurt you with their harsh words it just rolls off your back. 

In dark times, you carry this sense of hope that is so beautiful. Hope that the future will be better. Hope for the people you love. Hope for yourself.

You work harder than anyone I know. You put your best effort towards everything in life and you make me so proud. 

I hope one day you can see yourself the way I do, because to me you are the epitome of everything I could ever hope to be.

You constantly inspire and amaze me, and I am beyond lucky to call you my best friend.