To My Bestie: 17 Reasons Why I’d Never Give You Up

Perhaps one shouldn’t even need a reason why tell their best friend how much it means to them that they’re always beside them, supporting them.

Now, however there’s this list I made for you, my bestie. I feel so grateful for your friendhsip with me. You’re like a sister to me.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

I love you, because…

1. You accept my positive and negative qualities.

2. You tolerate my anger with love and patience.

3. In your presence I don’t have to put on a fake act.

4. I can honestly talk to you about anything and everything.

5. Sometimes doing nothing with you is just exactly what I need.

6. You sometimes even cancel your plans just to be with me.

7. I can always rely on you when I need you.

8. You’re up to solve any problem I’m facing in life.

9. You’re genuinely interested in what’s happening to me.

10. I can express myself without worrying about your opinion of me.

11. I’d never be jealous of you, more like, very proud.

12. You’re always there when I need a shoulder to cry on.

13. I can trust you blindly.

14. You and I are never actually fighting, you only tell me your advice.

15. You stand beside me, no matter what.

16. You’re supporting me at my lowest and cheering with me at my best moments.

17. You’d never do anything to hurt me just to prove me wrong.