To My Above and Beyond Mom, I’ll Be Lucky If I’m Half the Woman You Are

The way I see it, moms have 3 main jobs. First, literally bringing new life into this world, second, loving their children unconditionally, and third, becoming their child’s best friend.

While every mom completes their first task, and we hope the second as well, making it to the last one isn’t as common. For myself and the others, whose mothers fulfilled all three duties, we know how lucky we are

And from our hearts to those of our moms, we thank you.

While you say that I’m your greatest gift, I know that I’m the one who’s blessed. You have one of the most beautiful souls I have ever seen in a person. No matter how much I may have been through, I know you have been through countless more trials and tribulations than I can even bear to imagine. You’ve shown me what true strength looks like.

When I try to list all the things you’ve done for me, I lose count after the 963726th one.

Growing into my own skin can seem impossibly difficult sometimes, but you’ve shown me how to love the person I am, especially when I doubt myself. You’re always there for me whenever I need you, no matter the hour of the day. You were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board for advice, a personal shopper, and a chef when I was hungry.

From day one, I wanted to be just like you.

I cooked with you, covered in flour and just wanting to lick the spoon. I tried on your dresses and heels and waddled around the house, batting my eyelashes. I insisted you apply your lipstick on me after you were done doing yours so I could leave kiss marks all over your cheeks.

In the later years, I drove you completely crazy, but always knew how to make you laugh. It was hard for you to stay mad at me because our arguments almost always ended in giggles at how ridiculous we were.

I don’t hold back anything from you, you always told me that I could tell you anything, so I feel comfortable sharing every bit of my life with you. I know this doesn’t happen for all daughters, so it makes me proud to say that we have such a close relationship.

Having you as my best friend is one of my favorite parts of life.

Knowing that even when I mess up, you will be there to pick me up. You never judge me for the choices I make, you realize that it’s my life and I am going to make some wrong decisions, but you are always there to guide me along the way.

Growing up, you gave me everything I could ever want in this world. From the time I was just a little girl, until now, becoming the young woman I am today. You know how to make me feel so loved with the little hand squeezes you give me, or a hug that I didn’t even know I needed, but somehow you did.

You have been the biggest fan and loudest cheerleader on the sidelines of my life.

Experiencing firsthand what it means to be an amazing woman and above and beyond mom leaves the expectations pretty high for who I turn out to be. I hope one day that I can at least be half the mother you are, and can shape my kids lives in the way you have shaped mine. And if I ever have a daughter, I hope I have the relationship with her that I have with you.

Thank you mom. Thank you for your constant love and support, thank you for always being there for me, thank you for being the best role model, my personal barista, chef, and shopping buddy, my best friend, and most importantly the most incredible mother.

I don’t know what I would do without you in my life, and I’m so blessed to have you as my mother and my best friend. 

I love you.