Tips For Setting Up A Beautiful Office

Are you a workaholic? Someone who just loves what they do for a living. If you are, chances are you need to be inside an office space when doing your work. What work? Any kind. It might be preparations for some other plans, or just some paperwork or you might even be working on a novel. It might be at a workplace or your own home. Regardless of the work or the place, the place you work from is considered your office. 

An office is more than just your workspace. It is the place where you spend a large portion of your life and as such much be considered a huge part of your life. It is a place of inspiration. It is a place where you collect all your thoughts and process them, filtering out the unwanted ideas and only using the productive onces to carve out a fruitful work. You will spend a lot of time there thinking, writing, reading, sometimes eating and other times dreaming.

Here are a few tips to organize your office space such that you may never have another dull moment when working

Keep it clean

Offices are meant to get a work done. When you are in your office, you should be able to focus on your work. You should be able to think well. You should be taking notes. But what you should not have to do is waste your time searching for things. When your office space gets curdled up, you spend most of your time looking for things. “Where did I just put my pen?”, “I swear I kept my notebook right there.” These questions will not only keep you from getting focused on your work, but will actually distract you all day long. 

Keep it open

The size of your work space may vary. But whatever space you have, use it well. Do not let things get cluttered on your desk. Only keep the absolute essentials. Pen holders go on the desk, but if you do not write that frequently the ink bottle can go on the drawer. If you do not study often, a table lamp is not mandatory. Make sure your desk has plenty of free space. If it feels empty use decorations instead. 

Keep it organized

Everything that you use in your office has a designated job. Organize your office based on what you do. You can do it either by the use of an instrument or by the type of the instrument. You can either choose to put your marker in your pen drawer or near the wiper. Organized work environments make you work more efficient. When the things you need are easily accessible, it lets you get more out of your work hours.

Keep it healthy

When you spend most of your time in your office, it is important that it doesn't affect your health. If you have a slouching problem, you might want to consider a standing desk. Otherwise get chairs that prevent back problems. Get a good source of light for the room. Working in dark environments can do a lot of harm in the long run. Also make sure that a lot of fresh air is moving through the room.

Keep it inspiring

Do not hesitate to put inspirational figurines in your office. Get anything that might inspire you to work. Get a statue to go with your plant. Put your favorite quote on a frame and hang it on the wall. Maybe even put an aquarium. Just have something to cheer you up when work might not be going your way.

Keep it fun

Don’t let your work drag you down. Long sessions might be hard specially on a regular basis. Make sure to take short breaks to freshen up your mind. Get a Rubik’s cube or a stress ball. Get a massage chair for a siesta. If possible, smash some buttons in your favorite video game. Short breaks in between work can revitalize your brain so that you can muster up focus when you need it the most.