This Loneliness You Feel Is Temporary, I Promise

“Loneliness does not come from having no one around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.” Gustav Jung 

You never saw this coming did you? These ultra cold nights where the silence pierced through the air; where loneliness shrieked so loudly it left its deafening echo in your ears. 

As difficult as it may be right now, what you need most is to silence your racing thoughts and stop yourself from uttering a single iota of negativity. It isn’t necessary right now and you don’t deserve to put yourself down like that. 

The emptiness that you feel inside right now is only temporary. There is still plenty of time for life to smooth itself out.

I know your remedy for this is to numb your heart. You are not angry or upset; you just numb yourself instead of allowing this broken feeling inside to take over. 

After all the heartaches, disappointments, and lies, you took it upon yourself to guard your heart. You needed to do what was necessary to heal, let go, and move on. 

Right now, your heart may be filled with pain of your crushing thoughts and pessimistic assumptions. I can tell you right now that you shouldn’t listen to it, any of it.

You aren’t going to die alone or succumb to loneliness. In fact, you won’t die as an old hag. 

You are fine, trust me, what you feel isn’t going to last forever. You are not broken, you’re just lonely and that’s alright.

Lay your pessimistic thoughts and worries on the table and put it aside. 

I know you are wearing a smile for the outside world but inside you feel like screaming. Faking a smile is so much easier than explaining why you are sad. 

But as you smile, you'll realize that you are filling up the canvas of loneliness, with calmer and brighter colours. 

You will be fine because that’s the way life works – it will always be fine and if it isn’t, trust that a window will open up giving you a new opportunity.  Tonight is the night where you feel like a star. You are falling to make someone's wish true. 

We all have these occasional nights. These are the nights when we hear crickets and wish that we’re stargazing holding hands with our significant other. These are the nights when you wish you had a company. These are the nights when you feel your most isolated.

It’s not easy navigating this world as a strong, independent woman in a world where those like you have the assistance of their partner’s hands. Take a look at yourself before you begin the self-pity party and the worrying.

You are here. Don't look at the rain; look at the rainbow. 

You have made it this far.

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