This Is Why the Girl with Anxiety Has the Strongest Heart

From the outside, she looks totally fine. You’d never guess that despite her smile, her brain is out of control. 

Some days, the negative thoughts are so loud she can barely hear anything else over them. Other times she’s filled with crippling fear so strong she can barely get out of bed.

For every visible panic attack she has, there are dozens of small ones she’s learned how to hide.

She’s not the type to let you see her struggle or make you listen to her complain, she’s stronger than that.

She pushes through the pain every day because she knows that the only other option is letting it consume her completely.  

She doesn’t expect anyone else to understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed by anxiety from the second she wakes up to the minute she sets her head back on her pillow. 

And unless someone has truly and completely earned her trust, she wouldn’t even begin to explain all the darkness she faces on a daily basis. 

Instead, she keeps her pain hidden from the world and deals with it on her own. She’s learned to handle anything life throws at her, no matter how painful it may be.

Of course, some days will always be worse than others. In her lowest moments, her anxiety completely takes over her mind and she finds herself lost in her spiraling thoughts. 

Everyone has bad days, but hers are simply more overwhelming than the average persons’. A lot of people wouldn’t know how to handle one of her ‘bad days,’ let alone as many as she faces.

So next time you assume her anxiety is making her weak, remember that it’s actually making her stronger.

Nothing else in this world that can compare to the strength she’s gained from battling her own mind on the daily. 

She’s still standing tall despite everything she’s gone through and that’s never going to change.