This Is Why the Girl with a Big Heart and Sarcastic Mind Is What Every Guy Really Wants

There’s just nothing better than the girl with a big heart and sarcastic mind. Having two opposite, yet powerful qualities in the same person is almost like having the ultimate personality superpower. The balance between being sweet and sarcastic make her into a force of nature when it comes to loving and being loved and that’s why this girl is what every guy dreams about. 

If a guy is lucky enough to win her heart, he won’t go a day without feeling the constant, captivating spark that she adds to every significant relationship she has. There’s never a dull moment with her. 

1. She’s sensitively assertive. 

Her boldness might come off as harsh at first, but you’ll quickly realize that there’s a thin line between her assertive attitude and her big heart. She’s able to stand her ground without offending or appearing superior. It’s just not in her to be an egocentric bitch. Instead, she’ll make you wanna hug her while she’s inspiring respect. And you’ll do both. 

2. She puts a pep in her every step.  

Her ability to add a little spunk to everything she does allows her to adapt to any type of life’s scenario, almost as if she was a human chameleon. This only reflects her natural wits and intoxicating charm down to a T. 

3. She won’t hesitate when facings risks. 

Especially when it comes to love. She wears her heart on her sleeve, but she’s also a badass when it comes to taking charge about what her heart desires. Her approach to giving her heart away might be stern but once she gets to hold your hand, she’ll allow herself to be completely submerged in the experience. After all, she’s a girl with plenty of heart to give, willingly. 

4. She’s adorably blunt to a fault…

You can’t tell if she’s telling you off or cracking jokes. Either way, she can do both with the right amount of sarcastic punch to keep you guessing and wanting for more. It keeps you intrigued, entertained and just crazy about her wits. 

5. And she’ll want you to challenge her bluntness.

That’s how fun and confident she is. If you can level with her in the same way, it’ll be really hard for her to get tired of your relationship. But keep it honest and healthy. She loves and appreciates sarcasm but if you cross the line, she will not hesitate to dump you on the spot. Her heart is big but also strong and she won’t allow any kind of disrespect to poison her good intentions in any way. 

6. Humor fills her soul in all the right ways. 

Her philosophy of life is simple, love hard and inject a little sarcasm to the mix and you’ll enjoy life to the fullest. If you can be on the same page with her, she’ll literally give her all to become the highlight of your life. 

7. But she’s not quick to give all her feelings away. 

She’s smart, super loving and fun but she protects her feelings like her life depends on them. She will trust you with her emotions once you win her heart and even then she will still keep a good front when it comes to allowing her vulnerability to fully show. She prefers actions over words. The good thing is that her blunt nature will never keep you guessing about her true feelings and intentions.

8. Even if sarcasm is her middle name her big heart is the force that rules her world. 

“My heart is yours, Jerk” describes her true nature. 

She’s just the perfect girl that your heart needs and you’ll be the luckiest person if you decide to welcome her into you life.