This Is Why an Extrovert and an Introvert Make the Happiest Couple

The introvert-extrovert relationship goes much deeper than just your average “opposites attract.” They complete each other in ways no one else can, they complement each other’s flaws and bring out the absolute best in each other even on their worst days. The relationship between an introvert and an extrovert is overflowing with passion, filled with fiery chemistry, and tied in a bow of unconditional love. It’s true, an extrovert and an introvert make the happiest couple and here’s why. 

1. They make each other feel like the most important person in the world.

The signs you’re in an introvert-extrovert relationship may vary, but because of their core personality traits it’s easy to identify one. Introverts tend to shy away from people and being the center of attention feels uncomfortable and foreign to them, that’s why they avoid the spotlight like the plague. But their counterpart, the extrovert, thrives on it. Extroverts surround themselves with people because they feed on the energy of others and, at the same time, love to give attention as much as they love getting it. They tend to spread the love to as many people as possible. 

So when an extrovert chooses an introvert to focus their attention on, it makes the introvert feel like a million bucks. And at the same time, when the introvert chooses an extrovert to love, it makes the extrovert feel special that the introvert is willing to open to up and let them in over anyone else. Every person wants to be wanted, in fact they crave it, and in this relationship there is no lack of wanting each other. And this is where their passion stems from. They’re constantly fulfilling each other’s need for attention and never giving the other a reason to not trust them, which makes them the happiest couple.  

2. While they have their differences, they understand each other without words.

Although their needs are different from one another, they can tell when something is up without having to say a word. Healthy couples understand each other without words, and the introvert extrovert relationship is the healthiest. The introvert can shoot their extrovert other half a look across the room at a social gathering and immediately the extrovert knows it’s time to go. And likewise, the introvert can tell when their extrovert partner is getting cabin fever and needs a good night out without them having to ask. They have a deep understanding of each other’s personality and a willingness to compromise because they love each other. And because of that love, they are always learning new ways introvert-extrovert couples communicate better to make sure their happiness lasts. 

3. The limits of the introvert and extrovert comfort zones get challenged over and over.

An introvert’s idea of a fun Saturday night is ordering take out and binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix. An extrovert’s idea of a fun Saturday night is heading to a local pub with 10 friends and singing karaoke in front of a crowd. And because the extrovert loves their introvert, they wants the other right there with them. So even though the introvert would rather die slowly from a thousand bee stings than sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” in front of a bunch of strangers, they saddle up and go along for the ride. The extrovert pulls their introvert love out of their shell and they push them to get to know people they usually wouldn’t, all while never leaving their side. 

On the flip side, the introvert slows the extrovert down but in the healthiest ways. Everyone needs a break sometimes and the extrovert doesn’t always realize that right away. They go, go, go, but their introvert partner keeps them grounded while their head is in the clouds. The introvert creates a cozy Friday night in with a movie and a home cooked meal, giving their extrovert the chance to catch up on some much needed R&R that they usually wouldn’t. 

The introvert-extrovert relationship is filled of push and pull, compromise, and sometimes, dragging each other out of their comfort zones. But in the end, they truly make the happiest couple because of it. 

4. They get to see a side of each other that others may never see.

Many extroverts will confess that their “people persona” isn’t their most true and natural state. Because the introvert personality is more quiet and reserved, their extroverted significant other may begin to feel comfortable enough around them to let their guard down and open up completely. The same goes for the introvert, the extrovert creates a space of trust for them to truly be themselves and feel vulnerable while knowing their in a safe place with someone they love. Both personality types are trustworthy and kind hearted, when paired together they will do everything to truly and completely get to know the other. 

The introvert-extrovert couple gets to see the parts of each other that they would both conceal from the rest of the world. And as it turns out, they have a lot more in common than they thought. It’s these parts of them that complete the other– the deepest parts of the extroverts soul is introverted vice versa. 

5. They both equally crave their alone time and have no guilt asking for it.

As in any relationship, it happens that you start to spend more time together than you do apart. This can be especially uncomfortable for both the introvert and the extrovert because they know it’s pivotal to their health to have their ‘me time.’ Introverts often site needing a certain amount of time to detox from the chaos of everyday life, and this often includes interactions with people, including their extrovert other half. And equally, the extrovert can’t be surrounded by people every second of every day or they might lose their sanity. Both personality qualities have absolutely no guilt in admitting they need to do their own thing once in a while because they completely and truly understand the need. 

6. They are the yin to the others yang: the epitome of balance in a relationship.

There’s no denying this relationship can be a challenge at times, but with a little effort it’s simple to reach the perfect balance in an introvert-extrovert relationship. You complement each other in ways that extrovert-extrovert or introvert-introvert couples could only dream of. The extrovert-introvert relationship is full of sacrifice and compromise, and while the spectrum is incredibly broad, if it’s the right person, eventually it will lead to the ultimate balancing of each other’s personalities and a happily ever after life. 

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