This Is What It Takes for Me to Tell You 'I Love You'

I believe that saying ‘I Love You’ shouldn’t be done on a whim, so when I utter those words, you better believe that you’ve gained a place in my heart. I will not only say ‘I love you,’  I will also back it up with actions and you won’t be able to doubt that my feelings towards you are real.  I expect the same from you, of course, but no pressure. If you're not ready to tell me that you love me yet, I get it. Trust me, I don't want you to say it unless you're 100% certain about your feelings towards me. 

I don't know you how you go about deciding when to say it, I personally take my time because revealing my loving heart to you is one of the most valuable things I’ll do if you’re the right person for me.

Before I even consider if you’re worthy of my heart and my vulnerability, you have to invite me into your world and share all the different shades of you with me. 

I need to know that you’re trustworthy and that your values are similar to mine. I want to know if you heart is big enough to love hard and unconditionally. I want to know what you’re passionate about and what’s the one thing that motivates you the most to wake up every morning and take life by its horns.  

I want to know about your childhood, your favorite memories with your family and also the ones that perhaps highly influenced you in the way that you are now. 

I want to know about your dreams and goals but especially how they started. Like what made you fall in love with the career that you’re pursuing or the hobby that you love so much. I want to know about your high school years, the type of guy that you were. What type of sports did you play, if any? Did you have a lot of friends? Who was your first crush? 

I’d love to know what it felt like for you to fall in love for the first time. Was it reciprocated? Has your heart ever been broken? I want to know all the fundamental things that shaped your mind and heart. 

I want you to invite me to navigate your past, so I can discover who you really are. I want to make sure that my heart was right for developing feelings for someone worthy of my love. I want to know if I can be myself with you and that you will accept my flaws and fears and everything that makes me who I am. 

Because I’d like to think that my heart would only gravitate towards someone who is capable of loving as hard as mine. 

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