This Is What I Learned From A Lack Of Closure

Sometimes waiting is meaningless. Sometimes waiting makes other essential priorities in life seem futile… Sometimes, waiting means relying on false hopes. 

Our need for closure is closely associated with our need for a clear direction in our life. We love well cut out, clearly stated conclusions. 

This conclusion may make you sad, happy, teary-eyed, miserable and yet you crave for it, because this might be a means to an end. It might give you a solid reason to move on. You hope that you’ll eventually find the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and find contentment in the inevitable. 

You may search for closure in broken friendships, relationships, inconsequential love affairs, and other situations where you’ve not only lost your heart but your soul. 

Closure can serve as an excuse to rationalize your feelings of loss. Truth be told, we sometimes come to rely on undependable sources for our closure. We trick ourselves into believing that by confronting someone who has hurt us, we might know once and for all, ‘why’ they behaved the way they did. 

Sadly, closure is not easily attainable and even if you happen to find closure, it may leave you more restless and troubled. Every now and then, we all get thrown off by the aggravating ‘why’ angle. 

We get lost in our unanswered questions… Why did this happen? Why did it end? Why am I treated like this? Why am I so lost? The questions are endless and the answers are…NONE. 

Your desperation to seek closure might get you that one last conversation with the guy who left you for his own reasons, but you may be unconvinced with his responses.

Your friend may reveal to you why she deserted you when you needed her the most, but her words may cause you further hurt and misery… 

Seeking closure from another person, is like handing over the reigns of your happiness to someone who doesn’t care enough (or at all) about you. 

If they were so reliable, they wouldn’t have broken your trust in the first place. 

Asking for closure is like letting your happiness be controlled by something you can’t control. 

At the same time, let’s not be quick to judge why they broke your heart… That’s not even the point. Their actions, however justified or unjustified, are enough to teach you to look within for your answers.  

Closure rests within you, and you alone! 

Badgering another person for it or waiting for it is really not necessary. We make decisions for ourselves and we choose love for ourselves! Then, it is only logical that we must find closure for ourselves too. 

Tell yourself that some situations are inevitable. Understand that everyone ids entitled to their opinions and hence their life choices. 

Sometimes, we aren’t meant to know the answers. Life is funny that way! Certain mysteries are best left unsolved. 

When in a dilemma, self-reflect. Introspect and scrutinize your feelings, and you’ll realize gradually that your approach to closure can be worked out in a way that it benefits you! 

People, situations, and even you are transient. So, don’t mess your chances for a better tomorrow. 

It its better to conquer yourself than to win thousand battles. 

Closure will seem meaningless when you’ve learned to take charge of your own life. If you get the inside right…the outside will fall into place.