This Is the Type of Love I'm Looking For

She doesn’t want you to wake up and send her a good morning text every day or blow up her phone all day long with small talk. 

She doesn’t need flowers on every anniversary or jewelry on every birthday. 

Because all of those things are meaningless unless she knows your heart is completely and truly devoted to hers.  

She needs your love to…  

Fuel the fire in her soul. 

To make her a better person, just from leading by example. Who is always down to try new things and go new places, because she wants to grow from every experience with you by her side.  

Make her strong-willed mind even stronger.

She doesn’t need someone who is attached to her hip at all times. She needs someone who gets that she’s more than fine on her own, she thrives on being independent. 

Your love needs to compliment her in ways that make her stronger as an individual and as a couple.

Comfort her in ways she didn’t know she needed.

Stay in with her when she’s feeling down. Snuggle her in the middle of the night, pull her close, and show her how much you care about her. Be the safety she wishes she had her whole life.  

Make her love herself, too.

She has highs and lows in her life and you can’t judge her for it. She needs someone understanding of all of her flaws who respects her and would only treat her with kindness and patience. 

Because if you can do that, she’ll love herself enough to give her entire heart over to you.  

Just remember, if you’re in her life, it’s because she wants you there, not because she needs you. 

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