This is How You Can Show Me that What We Have is Real

I know you're out there somewhere in this crazy world. I truly believe our souls were made for each other, destined to cross each other's paths when we’re truly and completely ready.  But before I find you, I need you to know a few things about me, things that I hope you cherish and are ready to help me grow.

1. I'm not the girl I used be. I'm not the girl who used to love with open arms and an open mind. I've been hurt so badly in the past by people I thought loved and cared about me that I’ve learned to guard my heart with walls so tall and strong almost no one can break them down. I can't take the risk right away, so please, bear with me. I promise over time I'll show you how hard I can love and how deep it runs. It just might take me a little while to warm up to you but slowly I promise I will let my walls down. 

2. I wish I didn’t, but I come with baggage. Just know that doesn't mean I'm any less of a person or I'm incapable of loving. It just means I'm a little more fragile than others. And some days I won’t be so easy to deal with, some days I will make you wonder why you're still around. But I promise it's something I'm learning to control. I just need you to build me up, not tear me down and to be my security when I feel my weakest. and I have complete faith you’ll be able to be that person for me without even trying. 

3. I have a little one you’re going to love. He is my world, when I invite you into my world I'm asking you to accept him as your own. By no means am I asking you to be his father because he has a great one. But I'm asking you to love him as much as you do me. Just like I would your child. Because we aren't a separate family, we'll be a whole.

4. When I tell you things, I tell you because I trust you. So please don't run and tell your buddies or if it's something that bothers me please don't use it against me when you're mad. Words cut deeper than a knife, so please use your words carefully. I can handle anything, so if you ever want to talk about something I’m all ears. Even if you think it’ll hurt me I’d rather hear it from your mouth than anyone else’s. 

5. Please don't come into my life with intentions of only hanging around for a bit, or being part-time. I don't need that, nor does my child. We need someone who is ready to take on the world with us. Someone who can handle us at our worst and still love us. 

You aren't just my soulmate, you're going to be my best friend. And those two things last forever. I can’t wait for the day you walk into my life and I just know the search is over. 

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