This Is How My Best Friend Deserves to Be Loved

My best friend is the most incredible girl I know, so if you take a chance on her, please don't hurt her. She’s a smartass but she has the biggest heart. Once she lets you into her life, you will be a huge part of it and will never want to leave her side. She has this caring and sweet personality that's contagious and she will do anything to make your happiness a priority.

She is always there when you need someone to lean on, or an ear to talk to. She knows the right thing to say when you feel down about yourself, or when you feel like you are going in the wrong direction. She has a heart of gold and will make feel like the luckiest guy. Because she's the kind of person that will change your life for the better. 

She's social, strong and independent. You need to be accepting of her friends, because they are a huge part of her life, and the bond that they share is not something anyone can break, not that you would want to after spending time with them. But don't worry, her heart is big enough for everyone who matters to her. Trust that you'll be her main focus. 

She has a lot of guy friends, so you have to be willing to accept that. Jealousy will just push her away. She's loyal and you can trust her. Once she's committed to someone, you will have her attention more than anyone else could.

She deserves to be happy, to have a guy who loves her for who she is, who will be understanding that she had a rough day, and just needs to vent. She deserves to be spoiled with your time and affection, to know that he is worthy of being loved just like you are. 

To the guy who chooses to love my bestie, I will still be in her life, I will want to get to know you, we don't have to be friends or talk, but I will ask her how you guys are doing, because I love knowing that she is happy. I will tell her I will hurt you if she gets hurt, the same as she would do for me if I got hurt.

Instead I'd tell her she deserves better, and that she will find love again and be happy

To the guy who loves her next: Please don't hurt her, love her for all she is worth, and don't ever let her go. She’s absolutely amazing in every way, and I promise you would be the luckiest guy to be loved by her.