This is How He Lost What Could Have Been True Love

You might feel puzzled and betrayed, but really, how dare you feel that way? She clearly walked away because you couldn’t make her a priority in your heart. You just couldn’t see past your bullshit and realize that she was everything you could ever want. You couldn’t see how much she put into trying to make you happy, always putting herself last and making you the center of her world.

It was all a big waste of her sweet, gentle heart. She slowly started losing pieces of herself, until one day she had to put herself first and realized that your half-ass love was no longer going to be enough for her. You went from being the most important person in her life to her biggest mistake and hardest regret to live with.

Enough was enough, she didn’t deserve to get so little from you, but at least she knows she tried her best, and she’s walking away convinced that her heart deserves a real man and not you.

Don’t count on her ever coming back but in case you’re wondering what you could have done differently to own her heart, it’s simple. You could have recognized that true love was staring right at you and you could have jumped at the chance to have someone willing to love all of you wholeheartedly.

You could have filled her heart with the same amount of love she was willing to give you. Because she was selfless and willing to put her pain aside, so you could get the best parts of her. You could have actually encouraged her to show you all her scars. If you only had a portion of her big gentle heart, you could have allowed her to open up to you, and you could have made her feel whole and safe.

You could have made her your priority and embraced her commitment towards you. Because she was all about seeing past your flaws and celebrating all of you. She accepted you without any judgement. You missed the mark at accepting all of her and failed at making her feel as loved as she made you feel.

You could have respected her independence and her choices to fight for what she believed in, including you. You could have fought for her and for your relationship. Because it had potential to be something real. But your selfishness was stronger. Being decent, caring, selfless and loving was just too much to ask of you. 

You could have not allowed her to carry all the weight of the relationship and then blamed her for it not going your way in spite of your lack of loyalty. You could have given her security. You could have built with her a strong foundation of trust and communication. She was willing to put her pride aside because she wanted to grow as an individual with you. She knew she wasn’t perfect and she didn’t care that you weren’t perfect because she believed that you could be beautifully imperfect together.

She believed you two could be better together. When it was good it was great, it was more than she ever experienced before and she trusted that you could be the one for her. She believed in it enough to stay for as long as she did. She was willing to take the chance at love because with you at some point she felt complete. She grabbed onto that feeling strong with all she could but in the end, it takes two to make love work, and you just didn’t have it in you to handle something this real.

You could have not let her down, but you did. You failed at being a real man and now her heart no longer belongs to you. In the end all you have left is the memory of a girl who could have been your forever.

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