This is For The Girl who Stood in the Storm, and When the Wind Didn't Blow Her Way, She Adjusted Her Sails

 Hey my precious, 

You don’t look your best today. And I know you don’t feel your best today either.

 I won’t pretend I know details about what you are going through. About how much you’ve been through. Or how you’ve held strong through times most people wouldn’t be able to. 

Life has knocked you down, I know. That’s what it’s meant to do, sometimes.

I won’t pretend either, to be there for you wholeheartedly. I know I won’t be. Maybe no one will. 

I won’t pretend any of it because I haven’t been through what you’ve been through. Your struggle is real because it’s yours and no one else’s. 

Because no one else can go through it the way you have. Maybe your ideas of what life would be like or what you’d make your life to be, have shattered. 

Maybe you worked hard, and still you have failed. Despite all your efforts, life shot you down and every day became a battle that needed to be won. 

Maybe you’ve lost a parent or two, or maybe you never even met them. Or may be your otherwise normal family has become dysfunctional.  I know that maybe you feel lost even with them, and even more so without. Maybe you never had a childhood because you grew up too fast, or maybe you’ve lost your kid who was yet to have a childhood. 

Maybe you’re grieving the loss of your dear one because you lost them days after you promised to spend eternity together, or maybe you haven’t found them and are starting to think that you never will. 

And maybe, you’re just so alone. You’ve been abused, shamed, embarrassed and made to fail. But to the ones reading this, you’ve still lived. You’ve survived, and you’re here. All that life threw at you, or rather took from you, you still found something more which it didn’t.

And I want to thank you for it. You’ve been brave and you haven’t given up. You still fight everyday, maybe against your past or for your future. 

Even after knowing that life hasn’t treated you well. You might think nothing of it, but it takes courage. Courage that you’ve shown, and the courage that you have in you right now, at this very moment. 

You stand for that positivity, and that light. And if you give up, that light flickers. So I want you to fight, because you inspire me. 

Because it’s your struggle that I see you having survived, and it gives me an assurance that If I were to go through it, I can survive knowing that you did too. 

And maybe just for that one fleeting moment, I won’t be alone. And we will have found one more reason to see this through to the end.