Things you should know pior to dating a girl who is a horror fanatic

Girls who are into horror films or novels instead of your typical love story or comedy are little different. I know this because I am one of those girls. I would rather watch Scream or Split any day over the Notebook and yes, I am a Stephen King fan. So, from personal experience here are some of the things you should know before dating a horror fanatic.

First off, they are constantly overthinking. When they watch a movie they are constantly wondering what is going to happen. Who is the killer? Who will die first? How will they die? They are never just thinking of the scene going on. They apply this to their life as well.  They constantly play out scenarios in their head. Even if nothing is wrong, she will wonder what if he doesn’t love me or he finds someone else? Even if everything is fine the worst-case scenarios are still possible to her.

They are usually deep and emotional, they care about feelings and who you are instead of your looks. Even to her the hottest guy can stab her in the back so she searches for something real and just like in horror films she has learned to trust very few people.

Guts and gore do not bug her. She is definitely the one you want by your side in the event of an emergency or if you ever should have a major surgery. I can assure you the blood won’t phase her. She also has a very strong stomach and you ever need a gross job done like cleaning up vomit she would be the one to ask. 

On top of not being phased by blood and guts she does not scare easily. Nothing you say or do can terrify her. You can tell her the worst thing you have ever done or your darkest fears or desires and she won’t flinch. Nothing is as scary as the thoughts she has on a regular basis.

She will have a dark sense of humor. She laughs at things normal people would not laugh at. She is the type of girl who will smile or laugh at a funeral or when someone dies in some crazy way. Yes she knows it is wrong, but she can’t help it. 

Lastly, she has watched too many CSI or murder mysteries and she has thought about how to kill you if she needs to and will have no issues getting rid of the body. 

So before you date a girl who is a horror fanatic just know this, she will be the most compassionate interesting person you will ever meet and will truly care about you just don’t piss her off.