Things You Should Know if You Want to Win the Heart of a Daddy's Girl

If you are thinking about dating a daddy's girl, you better suit up because her standards are high. 

Someday she will find her Prince, but her daddy will always be her King. 

1. She knows how to be treated by a man. 

He is the one who sets the standard so high for a future husband because of the way he treats her, loves her, and most importantly, because of the example of love he has set by the way he loves her mom. 

He is always her Valentine, surprising her with flowers and a special gift every year. He holds her hand through every challenge, figuratively and literally. She is treated like a Princess while at the same time teaching her how to be an independent and responsible adult. His love sets the template for how she expects to be treated by her husband. 

2. She has learned just about everything from her dad. 

She knows how important it is to be there for someone because of the way he has been there for her. He taught her that it is okay to trust men. Being spoiled has taught her that she deserves to be happy, so she works so hard with the work ethic she got from him to create herself a happy life. He taught her that chivalry is not dead, and a man being a gentleman is always in style. 

She knows how to recognize good people. 

3. She will talk about her dad a lot. 

Her dad is the most important man in her life. He is her lifeline, mentor, hero, and best friend. She looks up to him in every way, so of course she will talk about him a lot. She loves her dad, and it is important that you do too. 

4. They have joint passions. 

They have a lot in common and spent almost all of their time together growing up; therefore they have a lot of the same passions. Whether it be sports, certain movies, books, etc. 

These topics will always find their ways in the conversations and they will get so excited about it. 

5. She thinks so highly of you because you have similar traits. 

They say that girls marry the one that reminds them of their dad. If she loves, admires, and thinks highly of you, some of it has to do with the fact that you have some of the traits she was raised with, receiving unconditional love from her dad. 

Kindness, patience, ambition, thoughtfulness – whatever it is, you and her dad have some attributes in common. 

6. She is very handy. 

As stated before, they spent a lot of time together as she was growing up so she learned a lot. She can fix her own flat tire, and build her own desk. Car trouble is no trouble. She knows the basics of remodeling, and definitely knows how to fix little things around the house. 

She knows all of the tool names and knows how to work them. 

7. Her dream is to marry a man who will be as good a dad to your future kids as he was to her. 

She was raised with a lifelong best friend who did everything with her and loved her without end. She could always rely on her dad, and told him everything. He is the first one she calls when something good or bad happens. 

The bond they share is so unique and special; she can only dream that you will have that same bond with your future kids.