There Are 5 Types of Nappers: Which One Are You?

If you happen to catch sporadic zzz’s on the reg, you’re most likely a professional napper. To you, napping is an elixir guarantee to inject happiness and well-being into your life. But not all nappers are the same, so if you want to know which type of napper you are, here’s a breakdown of the types and what your napping routine says about you. 

Dysregulative Napper. Napping is sort of the magic wand you only use when necessary. Like if anything gets off balance in your life, you resort to the power of a quick nap to restore it. This napper personality tends to be outgoing and super active individuals, I mean, they are #1 out of the 5 different types of napping personalities. They also have a tendency to take every activity that they’are involved with to the extreme, which also speaks of their ability to be consistent and committed. Like, they can go for hours partying, studying or doing whatever might be their ‘flavor of the month’ without getting dead tired. But if it gets to the point where they have exhausted all their energy, they know they can always use a power nap to catch a second wind. Their bodies are strong but their brains need the break so they can jump to the next thing and keep going. Napping is their preferred pick-me-up only when necessary

Restorative  Napper. Napping is part of their daily routine. Even if it’s just a quick five minute nap, napping is fundamental to their daily life. This napping personality type realize there is more to naps than meets the eye. In fact, there are surprising benefits that could boost their productivity, so they nap hard. These individuals are very in tune with what their mind and body need. Most restorative nappers are the instrospected type, and also tend to be night owls. They’re also deep thinkers and have super creative minds. Their sleeping patterns may get disrupted due to their unconventional waking hours, so napping to them is sort of the compass to their soul. They take naps regularly to keep their creative fluids going and to also keep their awareness sharp during the day. 

Emotional  Napper. Nappers of this personality type are for the most part empath individuals. Most of their waking hours are spent processing their deep emotions and those of other people. It can be emotionally taxing! These people don’t go into fight or flight mode, instead they respond to stress by falling asleep. Napping is what keeps them emotionally-leveled  so they can be at their best. Emotional nappers can really be social or reserved. It depends on how they feel about sharing their emotions. Their napping schedule is for the most part dictated by how much their emotions might be affecting them, so it changes on a daily basis. Depending on their emotional state, these nappers can nap for two hours straight every once in a while or can just take a daily quick ten minute nap to recharge their heart.

Appetitive  Nappers. These are the people who thrive on naps. Naps today, tomorrow,  every day if possible, some might even refer to them as ‘serial nappers.’ Naps to them is like water to their intellect. This type of nappers tend to be quick thinkers, bold and assertive. They have a strong and focused personality. They have a  structured way of thinking and they’re the type to pay attention to detail. They love the way a nap gives their alertness a boost, so they’re always looking forward to the next sleepy session. Once these type of nappers wake up from a nap, they are ready to take on anything full force. If you ever come across someone who has a million ideas per minute, just try to keep up, you’re in the presence of an Appetitive napper and they’re about to get things done.

Mindful  Nappers. Napping for this personality type is kind is a rare activity. They tend to be well rested because they have pretty stable sleeping cycles. They’re routine driven individuals who need to plan out their naps in advance. They also make sure their naps are longer than a set
 time, they usually take 20 minute power naps max. The only time they might have an sporadic nap here and there is because of rare circumstances, like the random hungover. These individuals are methodical thinkers, competent and orderly. They prefer to nap more for the benefits that a few minutes of rest brings to the mind and body than for the satisfaction it gives to lay down in the middle of day for a quick break.

While these are the main types of nappers, it’s possible that you could be a combination of two, connecting with one that speaks most to you and a secondary one that compliments the first. You are as unique as you napping routine, regardless of the type of napper you consider yourself to be. Naps are for everyone. Who doesn’t love taking a few zzz’s just because, really, even if it’s just once in a while?  I think we all do, as for me, I have a restorative napper personality through and through. I’m very much an night owl so it’s always a challenge for me to reboot my sleeping cycle, so naps are fundamental to keep my creative juices going at a 100%.

I’m excited to know which type of nappers are out there, so don’t be shy and share your napping personality in a comment below. Let us know about the last time you took a nap. Who knows, maybe you reading this after your a killer nap!