There Are 4 Types of Organized People: Which One Are You?

“I’m soooooo organized” …Oh, yeah, but are you clean? There’s a difference. Being organized and clean are not the same, but some people jumbled those two words together as one. So, let’s clarify. 

Organization means the way in which you arrange your belongings, so that they’re accessible to you and able to fulfill their purpose. Cleanliness is how you maintain said organized belongings. And let’s be real, we’re all clean at some level, but you still gotta keep both separated. 

Now, being organized is not so black and white, so if you’re not sure which category you fall into, we’ll break them down for ya! 

1. You’re Organized/Clean

You house pretty much looks like a spread of an IKEA catalog. Everything has a designated place and you don’t own things that don’t legitimately serve a purpose in your life. All things you own, you absolutely cherish and love. Your organizational skills apply to pretty much every single aspect of your life. To-do lists are your shit and checking them off is like the best feeling… ever. You’re consistent with your routines, so you have a good handle of what needs to get done and when and you follow through. All those skills allow you to live a clutter and dust free life.

2. You’re Organized/Messy 

You’re more into functionality than overall appearance. You actually find that a little bit of messiness adds character to your home, you strive for that “lived in” look. Yes, there’s a method to your madness and even if things may seem out of place, you know where everything is. You don’t make a big fuss about things being a little dusty or if the dishes are still in the sink waiting to be washed. For you, it’s not so much about maintaining an extreme level of cleanliness and order, but making sure that everything runs smoothly in your home depending on your needs. 

3. You’re Disorganized/Clean

Your stuff is literally all over the place… “Tidy, what?”… The only thing clearly tidy in your home is your collection of cleaning products. Everything else just sort of takes over the place depending on your daily needs. You’re completely okay with having your entire house be the designated place for everything! You feel that life’s more spontaneous and interesting that way. But thing about you is you do keep shit clean, not just clean, SUPER clean. Dust can go fuck itself, you’re all over it when you see it building up on your TV. Going on a cleaning binge is sort of your thing, it’s the Yin to your disorganized Yan. 

4. You’re Disorganized/Messy 

You thrive in chaos. Plain and simple, any other way would disrupt your productivity. Your mind is just wired differently. You’re spontaneous and approach life as it comes, no matter how messy it may be. You don’t put yourself in a box, so it doesn’t make sense to do it to all the things that you own. Literally. You tackle your chores as they best fit your schedule. No rush, no pressure. What matters is that you’re responsible and show up in life. Your stuff? Eh, you can always get new stuff. 

I consider myself an organized/messy. I can pile up my mail for days, but I keep the pile neatly organized in a corner until I have time to sit and sort out the 500 hundred envelopes I get. I also wait daaaaays to put my clean laundry away, and wait like 10 more days to do the next load of dirty clothes that’s been sitting around for weeks – No shame. 

Now that it’s clear which categories apply to Organized people, let us know which one you are in the comments below!