The Ultimate Bucket List To End The Summer With Your Bestie

Before we know it, summer will be over and we’ll be forced to snap back to reality. So making the most of our last few weeks of freedom is a must.

There’s no reason for any day of summer to go to waste. 

  1. Try that local restaurant that you’ve always looked past.

  2. Go to your favorite restaurant and order something totally different.

  3. Get lost on a drive with the music blasting and the GPS off.

  4. Go to a hot air balloon festival.

  5. Paint life size canvases or decorate seashells.

  6. Go to a dollar store with $10 or $20 and see how much you can get.

  7. Go to the beach for the day, but don’t bring your phone.

  8. Find somewhere to go paddleboarding or kayaking.

  9. Boozy popsicles are a must. 

  10. Cook yourselves a 3 course meal. 

  11. Go to as many free concerts as you can. (P.S. they’re easier to find than you’d think)

  12. Do something that you’re both terrified of. 

  13. Dedicate a day to making a scrapbook of all your memories together.

  14. Watch the sunrise in the prettiest place you can think of and just take it in.

  15. Make plans and goals for the next year. Write them down and don’t look at them again until next year.

  16. Read a book and then see the movie. 

  17. Get really dressed up and go out one night… see where the night takes you.

  18. Be each other’s wing girls.

  19. Drive in movie: Find one or make your own.

  20. Go to a sports game that you’ve never been to before and cheer like you’ve been a lifelong fan.

  21. Rent a random, cheap airbnb for a weekend and explore the town its in.

  22. Go on a boat tour. 

  23. Bike around your hometown like you used to when you were kids.

  24. Have a barbeque with all your old friends.

  25. Go skinny dipping, at least once, anywhere.

Just remember, your life will never be the way that it is in this moment again. 

Don’t take any day for granted because you never know when you’ll have these chances again.