The Truth is, I Don’t Want to End Up in a Loveless Marriage Like Yours

Broken homes aren't always visible. It's masked in the bitter silence and the busyness of life. 

You could have made the conscience effort to choose each other everyday. 

Yet you didn't.

You both chose to ignore the truth. That something was gone and neither one of you chose to fix it. 

You let it sit, then let it build up until one day all that was left was pure resentment.

You tip toed around each other thinking the world wouldn't notice your unhappiness.

You act like what you have found is what I should strive for.

Staying together even though you hate each other doesn't mean you're fighting for love.

When the walls of your home still echo screams, that isn't love.

You are only two people who didn't know how to love each other and who chose their pride over their relationship.

Two people who chose to ignore each other, who didn't appreciate each other,and who chose to ignore it instead of fighting for each other. 

The only thing your love is idealizing is that love was a lie and marriage is a prison.

So maybe you think I'm crazy for being head over heels for choosing love over stability 

I won't apologize. I refuse to have a relationship, like yours. 

I understand that love is hard work but you're not putting in the work.

I will choose to love my partner through every fault. 

I will choose to forgive them instead of blaming them.

I will choose to be calm instead of starting a fight.

I will choose to stay myself and not let them change me into someone I can't even recognize.

I will choose someone whose not just someone I love but something even more important, a companion.

I don't want to settle for a relationship that is stable and unadventurous like you've chosen.

I don't want to be you. Two people who hate each other sleeping in the same bed.

So don't feel bad for me, your love is the biggest heartbreak of all.

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