The Man Who Values You Will Never Put Themselves In A Postion To Lose You

Ladies, I mean this wholeheartedly. So please take this to heart.

There is a significant difference between a man who desires you and one who values you.

The man who desires you claims the girl he's talking to is just a "friend" .

The man who values you doesn't need another woman to give his attention to, you're enough. 

The man who desires you wants you for what you can offer them to either inflate their ego or use to "get some"

The man who values you wants your support, your strength, and your encouragement for him to be better man. 

No man worthy of you will ever, ever make you feel less than who you are. 

When you know something isn't right, you feel it to your core.

Sometimes we ignore it or push it away because we don't want to accept it as the truth. 

We hold on to this hope that one day, maybe, just maybe they will come around.

All of a sudden you're left here trying to act like what they did (or doing) to you, isn't affect you. Aren't you?

They made you out as a fool because you honestly believed them. 

You are worth so much better than second place. Especially, to a man whose unworthy.

The man who values you will never make you feel like you're been neglected or disregard. 

They will lift you up, empower you, and make you feel even more of the woman you are. 

The truth is you deserve every piece of this love and this life. Never forget that. 

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