The Girl Who's Always Gone Unnoticed

The power of invisibility is inevitable to some, and to the girl who has never known how it feels to be anything but, the process of acceptance begins at zero. 

For anyone in her path, and indefinitely the one who not only noticed her, but helped her pick up the pieces, playing the waiting game is almost torturous. 

How does one go from accepting the fact that she’ll forever be unnoticed and replaced to accepting that she is (finally) fully and completely noticed and irreplaceable? 

The power of being screwed over is unlike any other. It hits harder and deeper than any other pain and leaves a trail that, for some reason, can’t break lose. 

It scars you, changes you, and damages everything about you. 

You don’t even know who you are anymore or when, how and why you began having unsolicited thoughts…thoughts that endanger the ones you love and care for the most. 

Why is it so easy for her to push away the one who deserves every piece of her, but so hard for her to open the door all the way?

Maybe it’s because she isn’t sure of anything else at this point. 

Maybe it’s because she’s terrified of letting someone else in when everyone else has walked out like it was nothing. 

Or maybe it’s because she’s never experienced feelings of acceptance, love, and intimate emotions. 

Whatever it is, she’s working on accepting it all. 

Accepting herself because no one else has ever given her a reason to believe she is worth it.

Accepting her flaws because they sculpt her into her unique perfectness. 

Accepting being accepted because it’s still really new.

And accepting the love of someone who gives her so much when she gives so little…because she has so much to offer and it’s time to break down the door she’s been hiding behind. 

Invisibility is a thing of the past, but the scars of the past still put in disguise the goodness that’s overtaken her. 

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