The DIY Queen's Guide to Thoughtful Gift Giving

As appealing as shopping on Black Friday might be, I’d rather stay cozy in bed making thoughtful gifts for the most important people in my life. I don’t necessarily “do” expensive, you could even say I keep a tight budget when it comes to gift giving– that’s one thing my wallet is very thankful of this season. I mean, my mom deserves an island but I can only afford half of a candle. Deep down, It’s the effort that’s put into a gift that counts and these DIY ideas are sure to melt your loved one’s hearts. 

People want to know you have been thinking about them and making something based on the person’s interests, or maybe their favorite sayings or something that reminds them of a special memory is sure in to be a hoot this season. You know them best and that is all that matters.

1. Built a personalized quote or sayings board.

It only costs a couple bucks to get some paints, get a canvas and paint someone something with their favorite quote or a powerful one. The holidays are often high times of anxiety and draining, what a better way to uplift them than that? Giving someone something positive when for a lot of people the holidays are nothing more than negative might be able to turn hardships around.

2. An assortment of $5 gift cards to show them you’re thinking of them even after the holidays. 

Loading them up with a handful of gift cards shows them each day they’re on your mind. It’s not about buying one entire meal or drink for them, it’s taking that $5 off their check to relieve them a little each time. Wrap each gift card with a personalized tag of why you chose that store to show them how well you really know them. 

3. Dip your own holiday candles based on their favorite colors.

Making your own candles is a lot easier than you’d think and very cost effective. You’ll brighten up your loved one’s day showing them how well you know them when you choose their favorite scents and paired with their favorite colors. They’ll be thankful for this gift way after the holiday season is over. 

4. Personally customized mugs with their favorite things on it. 

You can either make these for really cheap or resort to Etsy when all else fails. Specialized sayings, funny sayings, inside jokes, you name it. Go out there and give them something that is truly them.

5. A handmade knit scarfs.

It is cold, no freeeeezing, around the holidays, and keeping someone warm with the gear they need lets them know you care. Helping people out by giving them beautiful winter gear is a great solid gift that actually is something they can use.

6. A journal filled with your favorite memories. 

Don’t forget to leave room to continue filling in more heartfelt moments in the future. Never forget about all the amazing times you’ve shared together that you wouldn’t trade for the world. 

7. A tray filled with their favorite baked goods.

Make some chocolate dipped pretzels, some cookies, even cake. Good food made from the heart is a sure win and saves your wallet money. You can get recipes and whatnot off the line and go with the flow.

8. Homemade, personalized, glittery, T-Shirts.

Sure, they’re probably only going to sleep in them (if anything) but a customized T-shirt  with some puff paint and personality will bring a smile to anyone’s face. These can turn into great holiday stuffers, and lets people know that with them in mind you wanted to create something they wouldn’t let go of. 

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