The "Cheesy Christmas Movie" Drinking Game

Do you think this drinking game is coming a little too early? Well then, you obviously haven't been watching the Hallmark channel like I have. NONSTOP CHEESY ROMANTIC CHRISTMAS MOVIES. 

They are so bad, they are amazing. I can't look away, so why not go in full force and make these Christmas classics a fun drinking game.

Make a mixed drink, but keep the liquor bottle and shot glasses nearby.

Here it goes: 

– Take a drink every time you hear a christmas song softly playing in the background.

– Take a shot when someone alludes that main character needs to enjoy herself more.

– Take a shot when the hot guy comes into the movie

– Take a small baby sip every time you see snow, every time.

– Take a drink if they don't like each other at first.

– Take a shot if there's a sad backstory and it's bumming you out.

– Take a shot when they finally kiss, take two if it's because they just happen to be standing on mistletoe.

– Take a sip when the acting makes you cringe.

– Take a shot when you start thinking to yourself, bitch it's not even Thanksgiving, what are you doing. 

– Take a sip, every time you see Santa. If it is a movie where one of the characters is the actual Santa, only take a sip when he's in costume. 

– Take a sip when a stranger merrily wishes the main character a merry christmas. store clerk, neighbor, cute kid, whoever.

– If there's a villain take a sip when he's shady as f*ck.

– Take a shot, if someone cries. 

– If someone uses the phrase "spirit of Christmas,"  "Holiday romance," or "Magic of Christmas" take a sip.

– Take sips every time someone realizes the main characters are in love before they do. 

– Take a sip if you every time you laugh at a weird line.

– Take a shot if there's a huge misunderstanding that almost ruins Christmas and/or their love lives.

– Take a sip when/ if it's resolved.

– Finish your drink if it's a happy ending! 

– Take shot when the credits roll because you did it!

Happy Holidays! HO HO HO