The Best Kind Of Love Won't be The Kind You Have To Fight For

All you lovely beautiful gals are probably shaking your heads in confusion, thinking if there is one universal struggle, it’s relationships. 

We have “He’s Just Not That Into You?? and T-Swift’s “Bad Blood?? to prove it.

Here is the problem: We have been taught to fight for everything; we have this idea that anything worth and precious won’t come easy. This notion is the reason for demise of love & respect in most relationships.

We think arguing is passionate;  we think indecisiveness is simply attributed to immaturity and so on.

The thing is, if it is truly love, or if someone truly likes you and wants to be with you, it is easy.

Life is filled with complications, and no situation is ever ideal. There are going to be barriers and problems to overcome.

Those things make relationships stronger, but when you have an understanding with your partner, it is easy to face him or her.

Everything in life is easily something you can work on or work around, no matter what, if you want it badly enough.

The compromise comes easy because you desire the other person to be in your life. It’s easy to want to try. It is easy not to be scared of the potential failure when you want it badly enough.

This all doesn’t mean that the most perfect relationship won’t have its up and downs, arguments or fights. It will, but those problems will be easier to fix because both parties are willing to work. 

This doesn’t take away from the notion to fight for what you want. 

It simply means know your limits. Fight to the extent to which it comes easy to you, where your love or care for the other person is pushing your perseverance.

It means if it is getting hard, if he is making excuses and, more importantly, if you begin to make excuses for him, let go.

If he is making it hard for you to hold on, find something that comes easily.

He can handwrite a list of excuses as to why it won’t work, tell you he is devastated and he is suffering just as much as you.

But, the truth is, if he was just as sad as you, he would be with you. It’s as easy as that.

If it is difficult, it probably is not worth it. He probably doesn’t want you badly enough.I he did, he would be with you willing to work on your problems like real couples do. If there is a will there is always a way. 

A healthy and real relationship is easy. Easy doesn’t mean its magical or passionate every second of your existence;  but what it means is that it is easy to work towards. 

You aren’t begging for attention; you aren’t working to have the other person feel the same way.

If he wants you in his life, he will put you there and keep you there. No excuses; no fighting. It is just that easy.

“If he wants you ; he will make it easy for you.”