The 3 Pair Of Shoes Every Man Must Own

Shoes are an important part of a man's wardrobe. And for some it may very well be the most important part. Shoes were invented thousands of years ago, primarily to keep the feet of the wearer safe and clean from the rugged terrains. And at some point in history, they turned into a fashion statement. 

Today we have thousands of varieties of shoes we can choose from, each promising a different feel or look. To name a few, there are shoes designed for jogging, shoes that light up when you walk, shoes for foot problems like plantar fasciitis and shoes designed for rock climbing. Well, call me old fashioned but I just don't see myself owning 15 pairs of shoes. I believe in owning just the right number of pairs, and owning them such that they are both comfortable and fashionable. 

In this article we look into the only 3 pair of shoes that I believe are essential for a man.


In a world where work places and social situations are getting more casual by the day, a pair of decent sneakers may be your go-to pair of shoes. You can wear your pair of sneakers everywhere including work, dates, parties or your evening walks. 

A pair sneakers will not only be your best friend, but they'll also be the most comfortable shoes you will wear. And if need be, they can serve equally well as running shoes. Wear them with pants or wear them with shorts and no socks. These will go well with every dress you wear. 

Also, sneakers are the most widely varied kind of shoes with thousands of varieties and brands to choose from.   


The second kind of shoes every man must own are a decent pair of boots. They will be the most versatile pair of shoes you will own and as a result can be worn pretty much everywhere. They're comfortable to wear to work or on dates, and they're rugged enough to be worn on hikes. Invest in a decent pair of leather boots are they may very well last you a decade. 

Wearing a pair of boots will not only feel comfortable, but can also make you look quite sexy. There's a certain old-school bad boy appeal to these shoes and wearing them will make you stand out in the eyes of your lady friends. 

Dress Shoes

The third and final kind of shoes every man needs to own are a pair of dress shoes. They may also set you back quite a few bucks but they are the classiest of the three essential pairs and can easily make or break someone's impression of you. 

Unless you wear a suit to work everyday, it is wise not to wear these shoes all the time, in order to avoid the wear and tear. Even so, invest in a decent pair and they will last you at least a couple of years. In formal situations such as meetings or presentations, they are a must. 

Dress shoes are very much like the Tuxedos of shoes. Not only do they all essentially look the same, but as long as they're well polished, they go well with every kind of social situation, including work and dinner parties.