Thank You For Letting Me Go, Because My Life Is So Much Better Without You

I’m not writing this out of spite or because I hate you.

But I’m writing this to thank you.  Because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t realize what I truly deserved. 

When we started dating, I believed that we were the ideal team and that nothing would ever tear us down. 

I really thought that you were the one for me, and I loved the feeling of being yours, even if it was only for a short while.  

I really did fall hard for you, even though I didn’t mean to fall as hard as I did.

Thank you for the nights you told me that I wasn't worth it. Thank you for blaming me for things I never did. 

 Thank you for the times you would surprise me with harsh and uncouth words just because you have been "hurt". 

I’d also like to thank you for the life lessons that you taught me, especially self-respect and self-worth, which I thought are the most important.

I finally got it in my head that I need to have enough respect for myself, to know when to collect myself, to let go, and to stop chasing something that is not good for me.

Thank you for showing me that one-way attempts at fixing something will only result in that person getting hurt even more in the end. 

Thank you for hurting me. The healing process obviously hurts and it isn’t something that will heal overnight. I’m going to be stronger than before once I’m healed.

Thank you for showing me that bending backwards for someone isn’t always enough to keep them around, and that people will leave if that’s what they want, no matter what you do.

Thank you for taking away my precious time and teaching me life lessons that will help build my future.