Thank You For How You Love Me

Thank you for loving me quietly, for knowing me well enough to notice when I am happy or sad, disappointed or overwhelmed. In the silence I notice everything you do — how you reach for my hand, how you hold me a little tighter when I see something that softens me.

Thank you for choosing me every single day. You're unconditionally loving heart has fought for what we have when difficulty hangs heavy in the air, for insisting that we are stronger together, capable of proving the odds wrong, filled with the potential to make even the hardships that will meet us into lessons, into seeds that grow us. 

Thank you for always being my voice of reason. For calming me down when doubt sinks into my skin, for building my restless a heart a safe place within your very own.

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person. You've seen gardens within me when all I could see were cemeteries. You have this beautiful way of reflecting your vision into my eyes, this talent for showing me the person I am and the person I have every opportunity to be. 

Thank you for always supporting me, for wholeheartedly believing in my mind and in my talent every moment I question my purpose. And on my worst days, knowing you're proud of me keeps me afloat. 

Thank you for always letting me know how much you care. For the “good morning” texts I wake up to on weekdays, for the small messages you send me when you remember something I did that made you laugh. You've made me a part of your life even when we are apart, sent me videos to make me smile, and photos when you’re bored and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Thank you for making me feel missed and always making me feel appreciated.

Thank you for loving the parts of myself I used to hide, for cherishing the quirks and the twists that others always wanted to untie. It makes my heart smile knowing you adore the fact that I’m abnormally clumsy, admire my terrible jokes, and my love for oldies music. 

I love you for thinking my two left feet that I often trip over are adorable. By you accepting me, and all of my offbeat ways, it has helped me to accept myself.

Most importantly —  thank you for making an effort. For making it your mission to make me smile; to fill my life with wonder. You and your ability to love so openly, and so deeply, despite what you have been through is stunning. With every new day you make me want to discover more and more ways to make you happy, you make me want to invent new words that could rightfully describe just how much I feel for you. 

You have taught me that love can thrive, that it can come back into your life and change you from the inside. You have taught me how courageous it is to simply have faith in the heart of another, and all I can say, with every inch of my patchwork soul, is thank you. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for how you love.

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