Tell Me Something Good

The world is full of bad things.  You can't turn on the news or log onto social media and not be saddened by what is going on around us.  So, please, tell me something good.

Tell me something funny a kid said to you.  Whether it's your child, a niece or nephew, or the kid at a table next to you at a restaurant.  Share with me a story about a child's innocence.

Tell me good news about your health.  Maybe you are healthy as a horse.  Maybe you just got over a sickness, or you defeated cancer.  I want to be happy for your good health and what you have overcome.

Tell me about your accomplishments.  I want to hear about your job promotion.  I want t hear about you meeting your exercise goals.  I want to celebrate your successes.

Tell me something good.  No matter how mundane you think it is.  

I want to know about the book you are reading.

Tell me something that made you smile.  Or made you laugh.

Share with me an act of kindness that you witnessed.  Or an act of kindness you performed.

I want to hear about the new hobby you are taking up.  And how excited you are to  learn it.

Talk to me about your family and friends.  Let me know how amazing they are and the ways they hae helped you.

Tell me anything and everything as long as it is positive.  No matter who you are, I want to hear it.

No complaining.  No tears.  No heartache.  Let's take a break from it all.  Just for one day…

Tell me something good.

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