Tattoos Don't Define Who Someone Is

No one single person is exactly like another, in fact, no one is the same. 

We may have similar qualities, characteristics, and personalities, but the truth of the matter is, we're all uniquely different. 

It's the little things that allow for our unique qualities to outshine and put on full display who we really are. 

We don't all believe in the same things, nor do we all have the same understandings, but that's exactly how it's meant to be. 

As millennials, one of the biggest controversial topics is tattoos.

However, I like to refer to them as body art. 

Simply because that's exactly what they are — unique pieces of art that tell a story. 

The uniqueness of tattoos do not define an individual, but rather unravel a story all on their own. 

Cutting edge glares, rude and disrespectful comments, and expressions of disgust —  that's what body art seems to attract to those who are anti-tattoo.

But what doesn't seemed to be understood is the fact that not every tattoo is lacking a story. 

Outsiders immediately jumping to conclusions is what those in the body art world are, carelessly, faced against. 

Do his tattoos offend you? Don't look.
Do her tattoos send a burning fire through your chest? Get over yourself.

It's literally that simple. 

Tattoos do not, by any means, define who someone is.

YOU, basing judgements, for no reason at all, because of jumped to conclusions, are what's stereotypically defining someone you know nothing at all about. 

Chances are, there's an entire story you're missing out on. 

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