Struggles You'll Only Understand if You're A Sassy Kind of Girl

"I will see your sarcasm and raise you some sass"

You have sass coming out of your pores and that to you is a major blessing and sometimes a curse. It's just the core of who you are but sometimes it comes across as rude or blunt. The chances of being misnderstood are always high, but you still live your sassy truth with a lot of pride. 

But there are times when being you is a struggle typically because…

1. Sometimes nobody believes you when you say something serious: Even though you may be a little sassy, you still have your moments where you can be serious, and most of the time it confuses everybody.  Being sassy is just an attitude towards life and it doesn't really interfere with your ability to adapt to life's demands as they come. People can be so used to your sass; they are not sure how to handle your more serious side.

2. You have to apologize for being too sassy too soon: You meet somebody new, and you forget that sometimes your sass can come on a bit strong.  It's your natural state, so it just comes out. So you dial it back and have to apologize so you don’t scare off a potential new friend. 

3. …But you can’t hold the sass in for long: At the end of the day, it's not like you can get rid of it. Once you hang out with this person once, your sass comes out in full blast. If the person can handle it, you just found yourself a new friend. 

4. If they can’t handle your sass, then adios!:  Seriously though, if you can’t be yourself around somebody, then what’s the point in being friends? Being yourself is the best way to weed people out of your life that don't bring you joy. If someone can't love you for all that you are, then you're better off without them. 

5. Being sassy is sometimes viewed as being cold: Some people perceive sassy people as  unapproachable and that's kind of sad. Being judgmental is the one thing I'm not. Being sassy doesn't mean that we disrespect people. We just speak our mind in a very forward manner and that's fine as long as we're not disrespecting everyone. 

Sassy people don’t even realize they're being sassy. It’s a lifestyle really * flips hair *

Just keep embracing who you are. 

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