Sometimes The Timing Just Isn't Right, And That's Okay

I never thought it was real when people would say the phrase, “right person, wrong time.” I always thought it was a complete load of crap. I always thought that if you loved someone enough anything was possible and you could figure it out.

Well I am learning that is definitely not the case. Sometimes, at the time, love is no where near enough. Love is not enough to be the best versions of yourselves in order to love each other and treat each other the way that you both deserve to be. 

Sometimes you do actually have to part ways. You have to part ways in order to grow. You have to part ways in hopes that one day, if the timing ever is right, you will find your way back to each other.

You have to work on yourself. You have to figure out how to be alone. You have to learn what it is that you want and need for a relationship.

You have to leave. You have to leave but you don’t have to leave angry. You don’t have to leave with negative feelings and hatred.

You can leave with love. You can genuinely walk away knowing that this person very well could be the love of your life. They very well could be the person that you see your future with.

Just not now. Even in a perfect world you couldn’t do it now. You aren’t ready. You aren’t the right people for each other yet.

You have to learn. You have to grow. You have to do these things without each other.

And it’s okay. It’s okay to do it alone. It’s okay to miss them. It’s okay to still love them with every fiber of your being.

Because, well, there is this thing called fate. Fate has a weird way of making sure everything works out in the way that it is supposed to.

If you are meant to be, you will. You will connect again, when the timing is right, when you are ready to give each other the love that you both deserve.

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