Realizing You've Found Your Soul Mate in Your Best Friend

A soul mate is defined as someone “who is ideally suited to another”. But soul mates are not always romantic! Some you certainly find in your family or circle of friends. But one thing is for sure though they are veryrare. So if you are lucky enough to have found a soul mate, never let them go!

You know they are different instantly: You meet them and you just click, quicker than you thought possible and you just know that they are different, but at the time you just can’t figure out why, until everything makes sense one day.

Your soul mate just gets you: With a single look, they just know what you are feeling and what you want to do.

They support you and never judge: You know you can always go to them for anything, because at the end of the day they will never judge you for your behavior. They will support you even with your craziest ideas because they understand why you want to do it.

They will call you out: Sometimes you really need someone to sit you down and tell you that you are being a b*tch. Your soul mate has no problem doing this, because it’s for your benefit.

They are always there: They always pick up the phone when you need them, regardless of the time. They will always be there for you!

When you move away, it feels like a piece of you is missing: Sometimes life requires you to move away from home and you leave your soul mate behind. Life becomes difficult because you feel like a piece of you is missing because you don’t see your person anymore.

You share similarly ambitious goals and dreams: They have the same kind of goals and dreams as you do, so you both do anything that you can to help each other achieve them!

They are family, blood or not: they are the missing piece to your soul, your family is their family and their family is yours.

I’ve been very lucky to have found my soul mate, in my best friend! I actively sought her out during the first week of college, after meeting her, because I just somehow knew I needed to have her in my life! And I do! She helped me start my New Year off with a bang by being my New Year’s kiss. And I’m feeling so lost with her being 5000 miles away from me! But it’s really nice having the most loving, but highly, platonic relationship with your soul mate, who doubles as your best friend!

They will always treat you right and love you for every part of you, because you love every part of them. And sometimes you’ll fight, but always remember to never go to bed angry. Sort it out, because losing them is never worth it!

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